2018 Starts with a Bang Not a Whimper

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Henry Daniell
Stress management Strategist

I am proud of how I have trained my team.  At the start of the year, I organise a big team conference where I can point out to them what will happen in the World of mortgages.

This year, we had about 70 mortgage brokers all in one room talking about property and finance in 2018.  Of course, it would have been more exciting if we had been swapping tips on chasing cars.

Still, 70 mortgage brokers in one room!  How exciting!  It’s almost exciting as when Doug buys me a new ball!

Of course, my pups are not all-work-and-no-play.  So I was delighted to throw a party for them after the conference.  Rumour has it that the party went on until the wee-small hours – though, as ever, Graeme was tucked up in bed by 9.00pm.

It was also great to reward some of my pups who did great things over the past 12 months such as Kris Menon, Kelly Kim, Don Nguyen, Pradip Shrestha, Rupesh Thapa and McTavish Broon – all of whom won awards that were almost as good as a new ball.

There are some big changes coming down the line for mortgage brokers and I am glad to see my brokers have started the year with the best paw forward.

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