In 2016 Henry Will Really Increase His Pawprint!

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Over the years I have been building my empire, I have consciously set the bar high for who I will let join the pack.  We all spend a lot of time with each other so it is important that we all back each other up, trust each other and get on.

One of my biggest concerns in my recruitment strategy has been to ensure that people leave their egos at the door.  I am very conscious that owning a dog can generate a lot of love and, regrettably, jealousy.

I am very big on analytics for our business and found this graph particularly illuminating.  As you can see, the arrival of a dog on the scene can have an astonishing impact on humans’ love for one another.  Thankfully, I don’t think that this data applies to all my team.  Doug, Tom, Kris, Heath, Philippe, Grace, Julie and Fadi are all team players – even if I know that they really love their canine friends way more than their colleagues.

Dog graphAs a grow my business to become a truly national player, I am committed to retaining this policy; recruiting dog lovers who can understand that although dogs are superior beings, there are times when brokers have to collaborate with other humans.  That is why, I have recruited two new brokers in Queensland – Fleur Rimington and Marco Olcese – under the Choice Home Loans banner who own dogs and yet who don’t look down on other humans.

I will be growing my group big time in 2016.  In NSW we have just recruited Samit Chakroboty, Merran Phegan and Milan Banker, while in Victoria I have Sindhu Moses working under the Choice Home Loan brand.

Dog-owning mortgage brokers are the elite of the finance world.  I am just glad that none of mine act superior though.

I still can’t understand how Graeme can play such a pivotal role in my team given that he has cats – an animal incapable of engendering love in anybody.




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