The Clan Broon is in Toon

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Will and Kate

George and Amal

Scott and Charlene

Chris and Monique!!!!!!

I can tell that my office is positively purring with excitement of the pending nuptials between one of our top brokers, Chris, and Monique, his lovely fiancée.

Chris has made a massive impact on the office since he joined my team and Monique has been a phenomenal spouse supporting him in growing his business.

Rumour on the streets of Sydney has it that the Clan Broon has arrived from Glasgow. If you see anybody who looks like this on Macquarie St, it will almost certainly be Chris’ Dad – please make him welcome and reassure him that the yellow thing is the sun and nothing to be too afraid of.


However, I am concerned that they seem to have brought the British weather with them – it started raining as soon as they touched down.

I am sure they will have a lovely day. But, if they want to improve the quality of the wedding photos, I am happy to make a guest appearance.

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