Bad Backs Don’t Stop Hard Work

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First of all, I wanted to apologise to all my fans who have not heard much from me recently. I genuinely have had a bad back; it’s amazing how a few dodgy vertebrae stop the paws from hitting the keyboard.

While I have been resting, I am pleased to say that my team has been more head down and tail up than a sniffer dog at Mardi Gras.

A particularly loud woof goes to Fadi Roumieh who settled enough loans this month to buy all the stock at Pet Barn and be left with some change.

Fadi has been in my group for about five years. It is wonderful seeing him be so successful; but then again I never doubted him – Fadi supports the Bulldogs and owns a Pomeranian.

Many of you have been asking how Simone is going since starting maternity leave. I am pleased to say the Simone and baby Jacob paid us a royal visit a few days ago. Clearly Julie scares babies as much as she does our students.

While I was in convalescence, my spies tell me that Doug and Graeme got ideas above their station culminating in someone sending me this image of their antics. Working in my team certainly is the Garden of Eden, but I hope that Graeme does not think he is Adam who can walk around naked.

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