Booms, Balls and Bones

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I had a couple of days in the office this week – making sure that the pack was happy.  It has been quite tough actually because Doug has been running an extra training course; I tend to find that I don’t get the attention that I deserve.


The property boom has created lots of keen potential brokers; hence we are running extra courses.  Of course Simone and Julie are the real workhorses here; how they manage to ensure that all the training manuals are printed, the classroom is ready, assignment are marked etc I will never know.


Julie has had one of those juggling weeks where she has giving her work her full attention but also had one eye on the Women’s Football World Cup.  (Personally, I can’t understand why something that involves chasing a ball around a field doesn’t require ALL one’s attention).


Tom has had a good week. He has settled quite a few loans recently – so he should be smiling like a Cheshire Cat tomorrow when commissions come through.  It’s school holidays at the moment so he is also juggling quite a bit too.


Chris has also had a good month.  He is one of our new brokers, but is really starting to get a real head of steam as he builds his business.  Unfortunately, he seems to be coming down with a cold, so I think I will give him the weekend off.


Graeme is preparing for his new broker seminars in Brisbane next week.  It’s early days yet, but hopefully quite soon we will have a few more Queensland brokers to support Rene.


Why don’t dogs make good dancers?

Because they have two left feet!

dog with bone

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