Cherie Barber’s top six renovation trends for 2019

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Jess Verrender|| 5 November 2018

Cherie Barber said that being referred to as “Australia’s Renovation Queen” was a bit embarrassing, but the celebrity renovator has been around the traps long enough to have earned the title.

Barber will soon be visiting the Central Coast to hold a free 2.5 hour workshop, sharing her proven strategy to “Renovating for Profit” at the Crown Plaza Terrigal.

She said that she had noticed the Central Coast was a real renovating hotspot.

“I’ve completed a couple of renovations up there, including a Bateau Bay property,” she said.

“I’ve received a huge amount of interest from the area.”


Cherie Barber, the television reno queen. Image: Steve Pohlner

Renovating her first property at just 22, Barber has been a full-time professional renovator for more than two decades and is also a public speaker, educator and media contributor, appearing regularly on Channel 10’s The Living Room.

She has personally renovated 112 properties and she does not planning on stopping any time soon.

“I’ve been blessed to be earning good money for a career that feels more like a hobby,” she said.

Teaching a disciplined and systematic process, Barber covers every facet of renovating – from when and where to buy, how much to pay, and how to renovate your property to sell or rent for the highest possible price.

Cherie as a guest renovator on The Living Room. Picture: Network Ten

Barber exclusively revealed her top six tips on 2019 reno trends to the Express Advocate.


Instead of the traditional ‘buy, reno and sell’ strategy, property investors are turning towards a ‘buy reno and rent’ strategy.

The reason for that is that profit success is dependent on the market. When the market was booming, it was much easier to flip houses. When the market is a bit more subdued, it can be better to buy property at a lower cost and hold onto it – build your property portfolio and take advantage of compounding capital growth.


I’ve noticed that more and more people are starting to reno for alternative investment properties like AirBnb and Bed and Breakfast accommodation. Often this type of income can be more lucrative that traditional rentals.

I’ve received a huge amount of interest from people for a new course that we’ll be offering called AirBnb for profit.


Less people are doing structural reno’s and are turning to simple aesthetics or cosmetic renovations, which can sometimes be turned around in as little as six weeks.

Structural renovations can be unaffordable, especially close to the CBD, plus it is getting harder to get around strict council regulations, as well as finding cost-effective builders.


We went through a big phase where people were very conservative with colour palettes and selections, but now I’ve noticed that people are becoming more adventurous with bright artworks and bold-coloured facades, which is great.

Cherie experimenting with colour for a “tween-to-teen” bedrooms project Supplied photo from White Knight.


This isn’t a new trend, but I have noticed that people are continuing on with it in a big way.

Renovators are spending a bit more on things like outdoor kitchens and barbecues and knocking out walls to add bi-fold doors. The trend continues to gain momentum – and I love it.


As the population becomes more health conscious and environmentally aware, I’ve noticed that there is this movement towards organic and natural materials when it comes to styling.

From timber shelves, to natural fibres and linens, property design is no longer the “look at me” type styling, and I am loving that it’s all about being real and comfortable.

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