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News from the Dog House ♣  First of all, thank you from all my well-wishers. I have not been very well this week with back problems, so I was grateful for your concern. Of course, Doug gave me the care and attention that I deserve.

Many of you will know that I am not always in the greatest of conditions. I have come to accept that it is a cross that I have to bear. Let’s face it, it has not stopped Stephen Hawking becoming a global star and I doubt that it will halt me in achieving my goals.

Again, it is has been a busy week for my troops. Our training course was in Brisbane this week; quite how Simone manages interstate students is beyond me.

MoresbyMy friend Moresby contacted me on the Dog and Bone the other day to complain about all the tree work being done at Julie’s house at the moment. You humans don’t understand how hard we canines have to work ensuring that the postie, window cleaners and various tradies don’t break into our homes while they are doing their daily jobs and you are all having ‘coffee meetings’. Moresby tells me that he has threatened a couple of arborist with being licked-to-death.

Lucy had a great week, having settled a big loan with a major Chan and Naylor client. I must admit, out of all my Chan and Naylor brokers in Melbourne, she is my favourite. Graeme is busy working hard building the Chan & Naylor team and I have high hopes for this year.

Finally, a couple of my young pups, Jason and Josh (who don’t trade under the Origin brand) are just making a few tentative steps in developing their broking careers

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