Dream home not what you might think

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Elizabeth Tilley| The Courier Mail| 23 October 2018



QUEENSLANDERS chasing the Great Australian Dream in 2018 want nice views instead of a pool, a Hills Hoist rather than a balcony and prefer a pet-friendly neighbourhood to a good school catchment.

A new survey by HSBC reveals the aspiration for a single-storey house and backyard is still alive and well, but spare bedrooms, bathrooms and pools are no longer a priority.

The survey of 2000 people investigated attitudes to home ownership in Australia, including what people want their dream home to look like.


Retro Homes Return - Real Estate Feature

A new survey has found Australians still want a backyard and a Hills Hoist. Picture: Evan Morgan

It found the perfect home would be Scandinavian in style, with high tech amenities, a big modern kitchen, marble bathrooms, entertaining areas and walk-in wardrobes.

Even the traditional shed has lost its charm, with many men now preferring the ultimate man cave with a wine fridge or cellar.

A new survey has found many men would prefer a wine cellar to a shed.

When given the choice between buying in a pet-friendly area or a sought-after school catchment, two thirds of those surveyed prioritised their pets over children.

Four in five people will take nice views over a pool any day and the Hills Hoist is here to stay, with 57 per cent favouring it over a balcony.

Social researcher Mark McCrindle said the research showed the Great Australian Dream was still deeply embedded in the national psyche.

“Our homes are more than our abodes — they express our identity, highlight our aspirations, facilitate our lifestyle and are the hub of the priorities of family and friends,” Mr McCrindle said.

Social researcher Mark McCrindle

Social researcher Mark McCrindle.

One in four people are not proud of their home, although Queenslanders had the highest level of pride compared with residents surveyed in the other states and territories.

The survey found people spend an average of $582 a year on home decor and $897 annually on fittings and fixtures to personalise their homes.

The great Australian dream - owning your own home

A new survey has found Australians still want a single-storey house with a backyard.

HSBC Australia head of mortgages Alice Del Vecchio said the recent softening in home prices nationally and historically low interest rates could make the dream home more attainable.

“Our customers continue to pursue their dream homes but are less eager to keep up with the neighbours and instead more determined to create a unique residence that reflects their personalities and lifestyle,” she said.

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