Five Tips to Prepare for this Year’s Property Market

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It was 27º at today’s Swans versus Giants match.  Today taught me two things:

  1. The Swannies are still the team to beat (but then I am biased)
  2. Spring is on its way and, before you know it, the property market will be in full swing.

If you want to make the most for this season’s property market, then you need to be prepared.  Of course the AFL’s finals series will limit the amount of preparation time Swans fans will have, but Giants fans look set to have some time on their hand.

  1.  Talk to your mortgage broker and get pre-approval for your loan.  However, more than ever, you need to stay close to your broker; the banks are constantly changing their lending policies and you need to be sure that your loan approval stands before you go to auction.
  2. Get your property ready for sale.  There are heaps of cosmetic things that can be done to increase your property’s selling potential.  this could be new switches, a lick of paint or a new bathroom vanity.
  3. Choose your agent.  Not all agents are the same and simply appointing the one who offers you the lowest commission may not be in your interest.  You need an agent who knows your market and in whom you can be confidant when it comes to getting the best price for your property.
  4. Do your research.  Websites such as Domain or offer a whole heap of statistics that will help your understand trends and prices in your market.
  5. Learn about the suburbs that interest you.  Part of this could be through research on the above websites.  But others could be visiting suburbs now while the property market is calm.

By having this preparation in your Back Pocket, you can go Full Forward into the property market and avoid the Ruck.





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