Gold! Gold! Platinum! Henry’s Team Reaches New Heights

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The shelf is no-longer big enough for all the awards my team won this month!

First, I was delighted to learn that Chris Brown has been nominated a Platinum Broker!  This may mean nothing to you, but its actually a very impressive award – think winning a prize at Crufts  I have many good brokers in my group; but few of them have achieved Platinum status – especially after only three years as a broker.

One broker who has consistently achieved results is Kris Menon.  Now broking for over 10 years, Kris has now settled over $200m in loans.  Given that Kris has been like a dog after a bone, operating in a tough market, this is doubly impressive.

But the biggest award goes to my wider Group who have now settled over $5bn in loans.  Everyone deserves an extra pat on the back for this.  But this is particularly due reward for all of Doug’s hard work in the trenches over the years.  I am delighted he can now do some of the more important things in life – like take me to the dog park.

As you know, I have many paws in many pies and so was delighted that Julie Evans was able to land a major contract for my training business – Walker & Miller.  Thanks to Julie’s initiative, flexibility and doggedness, our trainer, Liz Youman, is now presenting to would-be brokers in the office of a Fintech provider in the City.

Finally, a pat on the back goes to one of my new pups, Russel – who has just settled his first loan.  Mortgage broking can be very stressful, but when you settle your first loan, its almost as satisfying as when you scratch that itchy bit just behind you ear.  I have high hopes for Russel.

If you would like to more about a career in broking, please feel free to get in touch with me.  I am always happy to have an informal chat in a dog park near you.

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