Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

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Well another year has passed and I am already seven years wiser!  You humans will never be able to keep up.


Many many thanks to my friends at Choice Aggregation for their lovely card.  Fortunately I was in the office today, visiting the troops, when it arrived.

Henry bdaycard

This week has been another busy one.  We were running Cert. IV and Diploma training session for new brokers in Sydney this week.  It’s always invigorating seeing students coming in, excited about their new careers.


Of course, Simone has to do a lot of logistical work during these weeks.  First impressions count and she always impresses the students with our professionalism.


Tom is triple-checking  for his compliance audit.  From day one, I always emphasise to the new brokers in my group that they need to take their compliance seriously.


Julie has been bedding down teething problems with my new website and has done a phenomenal job.  I have other websites for our other business and am thinking about commissioning her to update those too.


Graeme has quite a bit of travel coming up other the next few weeks.  Yesterday he was in Adelaide, with one of our joint ventures.  He is also preparing for our forthcoming broker information nights in Brisbane and Melbourne.  If you know anyone who is tempted by the idea of a career change and might suit broking, please pass on my details.


Of course, as it is the end of financial year, Doug has quite a bit of work to do with the company accounts.  Once he has done this, I am thinking of giving him a couple of days off.  I have a house down on the South Coast – it’s always good to see him recharge his batteries.


Finally, please can you give a round-of-a-paws for two of my young pups; Rocco Violi and Danny Tay.  Rocco is about to get his first commission on the first loan he arranged, while Danny has just fixed up a very complicated commercial finance loan for a business client.


Pop quiz:  Who is my favourite pop singer?

Answer: Bono


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