Has September Been Quiet?

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Well, I started writing this month’s blog and initially thought September had been a quiet month.

But, the more I got into it, the more I realised how busy we have been – and also how productive we have been.

First, baby Sebastian paid us a visit with his mum, Katya.  Mum and bub seem to be very happy (although Sebastian does not like being in the car).

My interstate conquest plans continue apace.  In Queensland, Mihir continues to win awards.  This month he won an award for Mortgage Professional of the Year.  Graeme would like everyone to believe it was because of his mentoring – but I know the truth.

  • Mihir’s success has been so strong that he is adding another broker to his Gold Coast pack Raj Kishore
  • And, in Victoria, Jim Simos has joined under our Chan & Naylor agreement with Mike Woodrow to follow
  • Not to be left out, Angus Taylor joins us in Sydney.

You have probably seen in the media how some credit criteria have changed.

Not all of the change is bad. The lenders are at the moment competing aggressively to win new mortgage business with several lenders offering rates beginning with a 3 and some even paying you to refinance to them.

Doug is going on leave this week, but he and I have reiterated to the rest of the pack that they can reduce substantially clients’ payments and interest costs with a simple loan review.  I am sure that many of my brokers will be on the ‘dog and bone’ straight away to their clients.

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