Henry’s Award-Winning Team

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Henry Daniell Stress management Strategist

It is well-known that my team is a team of pedigrees. But it’s always nice to receive praise from our peers.
This week, I am delighted to announce that my pack of pups were awarded the Business of the Year Award by Choice.

Although I am naturally a modest puppy I was more than happy to accept this as Top Dog of our Group.


In accepting this award, I want to acknowledge the hard work of my right-paw man, Dog Daniell. Whenever I am at the park, generating new business, Doug is at my side. And on the days whenever I have to go the office to meet clients or new brokers, I can always find simple things for Doug to do, like:

• paying my staff
• reconciling the accounts
• running the training course
• liaising with banks
• advising brokers
• fixing the IT system
• helping students with their assignments
• managing our joint ventures

He deserves a reward for all his hard work.


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