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Leadership can be very lonely. I have an obligation to support my team – often dealing with their personal as well as professional problems.

Yet – who is there to support me?

There has been many-a-time when I have had to put my head on one of my brokers’ laps and listen to her boyfriend problems.

And on numerous occasions my big brown eyes have calmed down one of team who is frustrated that he is only on the bench for Saturday’s game.

It’s amazing how I let you humans scratch me behind the ears and it puts life in perspective.

But sometimes you have to drop everything for the most important members of my pack. After a minor operation on her foot, I knew that my favourite human (Jen) needed my help so I was more than happy to spend a few days away from the office helping her recuperate.

I am confident that she will be up and about very soon – which means more walks for me! Leaders need to think about their physical as well as mental health.

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