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Management Tips from the Dog House

Building a successful nationwide business has not been easy; particularly when you bear in mind that we have multiple brands, joint venture partners and allied business as part of the wider group.

Many have asked how I achieved my success and the answer is simple.  You build a good team around you, you empower the team members and you ALL learn from each other.

Last year, Origin signed a joint venture with Australia’s leading property accountants, Chan & Naylor.  One of the benefits of this joint venture has been giving my team access to some of the best business brains in the country.

Ed Chan is Chan & Naylor’s Non-Executive Chairman.  In his book “The Golden Rules of Running a Successful Business,” Ed talks about successful businesses comprising three key team members; Grinders, Minders and Finders.

Thankfully my team understand this, creating a high performance team.  Here is how I would summarise them.

Doug: Finder, Minder with a bit of Grinder

Tom: Grinder with a bit of Minder

Simone: Grinder

Julie: Minder, with a bit of Grinder

Graeme: Grinder and Finder with Origin, Minder with Chan & Naylor

Chris: Grinder and Finder

Over the years, I have empowered my team so that they learn new skills.  Their future is very bright as my business grows.


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