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Welcome to the Second International Edition of News from the Dog House

Poor Chris is still reeling from Scotland’s defeat to the Wallabies at the Rugby World Cup. I always remind my new brokers that cream rises to the top – and this has proven no exception.

Still, it must be hard for Chris to be demoted to the ranks of Graeme and the rest of the English. Thankfully, this week sees Graeme in Melbourne to meet one of our new mentees and to work at our Chan & Naylor office (he thinks that by being in Victoria he can escape the inescapable fact that the poms suck at rugby).

Things are even harder for Simone who was planning to travel to Israel later this month with her husband. Unfortunately, all the turmoil there has forced them to cancel their break.

Doug remains on a well-earned break in America. While I do hope he is having a good time, I do think it is about time that he came home and looked after me in the high-quality manner that I deserve.

Talking of America, Julie’s partner is also travelling through America and has picked up the occasional game of grid iron there. No sign of the Hayne-plane yet, but from what I can see, San Francisco are almost on a par with Parramatta.



Q: What do you call a scary dog that meditates?

A: Aware wolf.



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