Henry’s Tips to Keep your Tail Wagging in 2019

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As 2018 draws to a close, I would like to acknowledge how productive my pack has been – and I mean productive in more than one sense of the word!  Not only have my pups been financially productive, they have also started the process of creating another generation of successful mortgage brokers.

Of my office-based team:


Puts the fear-of-God into new brokers to make sure their first deals are put together correctly and that everyone stays legally compliant


Tells awful Dad-jokes and supports all the brokers’ efforts to grow their businesses within the Futurus Group– no matter the brand

Despite his poor jokes, Graeme still thinks he can offer brokers support


Provides day-to-day support for those looking to embark upon a broking career


Keeps the office ticking over, manages new brokers’ accreditation and drives much of the strategic direction of the business.  This year she landed a major contract providing training for a fintech.


Provides the wise counsel you would expect from someone who has been in the mortgage broking industry.  I know there are many of my brokers who owe their success due to Doug.

Listen to the Master


Is still the friendly fresh-face people meet when they are thinking about coming a broker.

2018 has been a tough year, the East Coast property market is deflating and the Banking Royal Commission has made some brokers question their future.  I am delighted to say that my pups kept their tails wagging and have caught every ball they have been asked to.

I am determined to make this a family-friendly business.  To that end, I was delighted that Dawn’s son (Paddy) came to work for a couple of days.  And, on the odd occasion that Graeme turns up to the office, he often brings one of his kids with him too.

But there are even younger pups joining the group soon.  This year, Chris Brown welcomed his first child.  Now that he is sleep-deprived, maybe we can get a word in edgeways in the office ?

In fact, across the country, there are new generations coming into the fold with Ash, Mihir and Sourav all welcoming new family members.

Plus we still have new brokers joining us.  This year we welcomed Angus Taylor, Aaron Hickey, Jim Simos, Uddhav Bhatta, Raj Kishore, Mike Woodrow, William Quinlivan, Yogen Adhikari, Russel Alam and Arthur Bouronikos.

2019 will be a key year going forward.  The Royal Commission and Federal Election will have a profound impact on the way mortgage brokers do their business.  Doug and I often discuss this in the dog park; he has seen it all before and reckons the only thing that stays the same in broking is that it is consistently changing.

The GFC, the ASIC enquiry have all hit broking hard and yet it still continues to go from strength-to-strength.  Just like my Group of brokers really.

Wishing you all a productive 2019.

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