Home Loan and Mortgage Guide

Most home loans take around 48-72 hours to progress from the initial application to approval stage. The length of the process depends on which lender the loan is to be processed through, on how complex the application is, and how soon the valuer can conduct the valuation.

Broken down, securing a home loan involves initial application, which may be made online, contact from one of our consultants, interview, application process, conditional approval, property valuation, unconditional approval, processing the mortgage documents and settlement.

Our home loan calculator provides a ball-park estimate of your borrowing power based on the number of dependants, existing monthly commitments and other relevant factors. Other calculators estimate repayments based on the interest rate and frequency of payment and the effect on your total home loan of additional lump sum payments.

We compare home loans from 30 preferred lenders to work with your unique circumstances and identify the home loan most suited to your requirements. Because we are able to compare such a wide variety of loans, literally hundreds of loans, in some cases these may be cheaper than the banks.

Home loan rates will fluctuate and need to be monitored. Rates are not set by the mainstream banks but by the Reserve Bank of Australia who meet monthly to review the current and projected economic climate and establish rates to help maintain a stable economy.

Origin Finance offer an extensive range of home loans which take into account individual employment circumstances in securing a first home loan, purchase of a next house, reverse mortgage and bridging loans and more.

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