Debt Consolidation

Consolidate your debt!

Sometimes in this day of easy extended credit we can find ourselves swamped with multiple loan repayments that stop us from enjoying life. Sometimes an unfortunate event might have caused missed payments or the requirement to take out urgent but expensive finance. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We can help you lower your payments by consolidating multiple debts together to reduce the payments.

Most people have multiple debts. You may have high interest credit cards, personal loans and mortgages. To pay off one debt you may need to borrow from someone else, creating yet another debt. The answer to this situation is debt consolidation.

If you own a home, you can get a debt consolidation home loan. A debt consolidation loan allows you to consolidate each of your high interest credit cards,  your personal loans and other debts into one affordable monthly payment with a lower interest.

Statistics show that Australian household debt is at record levels. And many people are paying more interest than they need to on their debt. What this means is that it can be difficult, cost a lot more and take a lot longer to reduce the amount owing.

If you have debts – especially those with very high interest rates such as credit cards or personal loans – it can be very wise move to consolidate them into one loan at a lower overall interest rate.

This has the twin benefits of saving you money and making it easier to track (and control) how much you owe.

When it comes to consolidating your debts there are a range of options available. Which one is the most appropriate for you depends on your individual circumstances and factors such as how much equity you have in your current home, the nature and number of your debts, your overall financial situation and your timeframe.

Working through all the options and taking everything into account can be reasonably complex, but very rewarding.

This is where the knowledge and experience of our consultants can be invaluable. They’ll look at your total situation and work with you to explain all your options and the advantages and risks associated with each. Then they’ll ensure you get the full benefits from the loan of your choice.

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