How to get the best mortgage interest rate

How to get the best mortgage interest rate

Securing the best mortgage interest rate can mean thousands of dollars of savings over the life of your home loan. What may initially seem like a futile attempt at saving a few dollars a month, upon further investigation can add up to more money in your pockets. Getting the best mortgage interest rate can be a simple task if you are prepared financially and you know where to look and what to look for.

If you want to get a mortgage interest rate that is affordable both today and in the years ahead then you should:

Make sure your credit is up to par – Good credit means good interest rates from lenders. If you have paid off previous debts in a responsible manner, lenders are more apt to believe that you will do the same when it comes to your mortgage loan. Fix any erroneous or past due credit issues that may be on your reports and remember that the worse your credit is the harder time you’ll have in securing a low interest rate or even a loan at all.

Save your money – Always save even more money than you believe that you’ll need. Expenses and emergencies can arise while purchasing a home and you want to be ready without having to take money from your down payment or closing costs.

Compare loans – Don’t settle for just one loan rate or the first one you receive. Compare loans from multiple lenders. Remember that loan terms can change from day to day and you may be able to find a better deal from the second and third offer than the first one.

Consider pre-owned homes – Owning a new home is of course nice, but doing so also costs more, meaning that more than likely you’ll need to borrow more in order to purchase it. Consider purchasing a home that has been pre-owned and you may be able to take advantage of a quality home that may not cost as much as a new one.

Decide if you want a fixed rate mortgage vs. variable rate mortgage – Are you going to be in your home for a number of years? Do you like stability and knowing what your monthly bills will be? If so, then a fixed home loan is probably best for you. Will you stay in your home for a short period? Will you earn more money in the future and desire to take advantage of lower payments throughout the life of your loan? Well, in that case an adjustable rate mortgage is the way to go. Know what interest terms will best fit your life plan.

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