Non-Conforming Loans

Non-Conforming Loans

If you have experienced financial problems in the past, non conforming home loans provide the ideal opportunity to help you re-build your general bad credit or bad credit home loan rating and obtain a mortgage either for an established home or a home you intend to build.

Non-conforming lenders are very flexible. Even if you have been bankrupt or just have a bad credit history, this type of product, sometimes known as a bad credit mortgage,  will make it easier for you to secure your home.

At Origin Finance, we understand that life is not all black and white and that there can be a number of reasons – many totally out of your control – as to why in the past you received a bad credit rating. Therefore we encourage you to speak with one of our highly professional mortgage brokers to gain an understanding of our home loan approvals criteria for purchasing a home, or about the option of securing a bad credit home loan refinance loan.

Also, as you have been down a bad road before, you’ll want to feel quite secure and comfortable you will be able to meet all repayments, so feel free to discuss this aspect also.

What Is The Plus Side?

Our non conforming loans have many positive sides, such as providing you with the opportunity to make a fresh start with the chance to re-build your credit rating, and that our lending rules are non-judgemental and come with a degree of flexibility which can be both necessary and desirable.

Are There Any Negatives?

On the flip side, yes, there are a number of disadvantages you need to know about and understand when considering this type of loan. Though we offer a choice of variable or fixed interest loans, they do come with higher than normal interest rates and fees. In addition, you will be required to pay a larger deposit on your house than is normal.

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