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Welcome to the international edition of From the Dog House!
I have given Doug a few days off in Las Vegas while I go on one of my health retreats at the kennel. It’s never really my favourite time as all I get is healthy food rather than titbits that I persuade my staff to give me. But I guess that everyone needs a little time away.
Graeme has just come back from two weeks in the UK. I must admit that he is very brave – devotedly travelling over there just to see the poms get whacked by every rugby-playing country. Thankfully I am a cocker spaniel rather than an English springer spaniel so I have no split loyalties.
Talking of split loyalties, the Wallabies play Scotland next in the Rugby World Cup. I can accept that Chris will be supporting the Scots – but I am concerned that he will be wearing a kilt in the office later in the week.
While I am away on retreat, I have arranged for my good friend Moresby to visit the troops and keep morale high. I pride myself on being an empowering leader and as you can see in these images, Moresby is really excited about stepping up and handling greater responsibility.  Here he is giving Julie one of his motivational speeches.

Moresby1 Moresby2

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