The Joker Wins the Prize

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News from the Dog House

I pride myself on having an eclectic pack. My brokers are based throughout the country, speak different languages and have varied religions. The one common theme they have is that they are all successful.

The perfect example is Chris Brown who has just received an award for the amount of loans he has arranged. Here is Chris’ profile:

Language – Jibberish
Religion – Petrol
Location – His car
Hobbies – Wearing tartan skirts

Chris has been broking with my pack for just over 18 months and in that time, has really set the house on fire – like Glaswegians do.

I am delighted that he so successful. His chirpy character is the perfect antidote for Graeme’s grumpiness.

In my office we have a shelf for prizes that my brokers have won – the way he is going, Chris will need his own shelf.


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