June News from Henry

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 Another month and my global empire comes closer to fruition.

 This month we were delighted to see great progress from some of our newer brokers.

 Its been a long time between drink for our WA operation (which has seen Sarah single-handedly holding the fort).  But I was delighted this month to see Ravikiran Jadhav come in with his first loans.  We have high hopes for our Perth operations as the economy picks up on the West Coast and Ravi is guided by Guru Kris.

We were also delighted to have a visit to Head Office from Jatin Chopra.  Its always great to have interstate visits from our brokers; Graeme, Julie and Dawn do their utmost to help the interstate brokers – but you can’t beat an hour-long face-to-face planning meeting to get things moving.  As you can tell from the poorly-oriented image below Graeme has no graphics skills in the slightest – whoops you may even have worked out who my ghost writer is!

Dawn is doing an excellent job of herding cats!  Its hard enough, looking after Doug and Graeme plus the Chan & Naylor brokers.  But she has now taken on file driving for a couple of brokers as they go overseas!

Talking of Graeme, he continues to be a perpetual bridesmaid.  Shortlisted for an award as Mentor of the Year, Graeme attended a swanky event in Sydney only to see someone else walk away with the prize.

 Here’s the news you have all been waiting for – no news on Katya’s baby!  Stay tuned!!!!!

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