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A mortgage or home loan quote can save you hours of your time and can potentially even save you thousands of dollars. When you request a mortgage quote you have the option of specifying what type of loan you’re seeking.

You can narrow down your quote to include only those that have certain loan facilities and options. You can even request only quotes from banks willing to offer discounted interest rates.

What Is A Mortgage Quote?

A mortgage quote is simply a written verification of what you’ll be charged for your mortgage. The responses you receive will tell you at a glance precisely how much your repayments will be, what fees are associated with your mortgage and also what additional banking products will be included in your quoted package.

Taking a few minutes of your time to ask for a mortgage quote will enable you to access the best possible interest rates for the type of loan you’re seeking.

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Is a Mortgage Quote Just a Comparison Between Interest Rates?

No. Your quote should also include any features or benefits that come with a loan, as well as highlighting any short-comings of the loan you might be considering.

If you’re seeking a flexible mortgage loan that will allow you to make extra repayments or redraw any excess cash you have available, simply include those preferences in your quote request and you’ll know which loans suit you and which ones might not have the flexibility you want.

If your preference is for a fixed loan, then you can compare the rates available from several lenders at once to see who will offer you a rate that suits your needs. In fact, a mortgage quote can include far more information than just interest rates.

Do Mortgage Quotes Just Cover Mortgages?

Not always! You might decide you want to move to a bank that can cover all of your banking needs, rather than having several accounts with different lenders all over the place. Simply mention your preference to be quoted for a complete banking package and point out the facilities you want most.

By requesting a quote that includes transaction accounts, offset accounts and credit card facilities as well as your mortgage, you could potentially be saving thousands of dollars by having your banking packaged together.

How Much Does a Mortgage Quote Cost?

A mortgage quote is free. It’s simply a way for you to learn a little more about the different loan products available to you before you make your decision. There is no obligation to continue once you have your information, but at least you will be gaining peace of mind knowing that you’ve shopped around to find the mortgage that suits you best.

If you’d like to apply for a mortgage quote, contact one of the professional consultants at Origin Finance for a no obligation appointment today to discuss your needs.

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