My Baby Joy – by Henry Daniell

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Sebastian hears Graeme’s first ‘joke’

Not only am I seeking global domination of the mortgage broking world, I am also looking to create a dynasty – with generations of successful mortgage brokers.

So, I am delighted to tell you that Katya and her husband Alex had a son recently.  Weighing in a 3.55kg and 57cm tall, Sebastian is already a bundle of joy with parents and grandparents.

But, my grand plans do not stop there, with Chris and Monique Brown expecting their first child in December.  Hopefully it will be as lovely as its Mum but not as loquacious as its Dad!

I pride myself on running a family-friendly business so was delighted that Graeme’s daughter (Hollie) came into the office during the school holidays.  Not only was she great at giving me treats, she was also forthcoming at rubbishing her Dad’s jokes.

But, while its important to factor in family, its also important that my team have time away.  Doug and Graeme recently held a couple of mortgage broking careers seminars in Sydney and Melbourne.  There was an excellent turnout which gives me confidence that I will do well with my global plans.


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