Nepali News from the Doghouse

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News from the Dog House

As you know, I pride myself in having a diverse group; all cultures bring strength to my business. But this week, I wanted to single out the Nepalese for praise.
I now have four Nepalese brokers who have been with me for less than a year; yet in that time they have set the World alight.

Mahesh Thapa, Mihir Shrestha, Pradip Shrestha & Rupesh Thapa have all shown a positive attitude, gone out and got business and listened to Graeme and Doug’s advice. I have high hopes for them.

And, in the time I have got to know them, I have learnt a lot about Nepal too. As we now say in the office इ आम सोर्री जुली इ वोंत दो तहत अगेन.
If we could get them to rename their capital city Dogmandhu things would be much better.

I only wish the English component in my office would pull their finger out.

द फुतुरुस घ्रोउप अरे रेअल्ल्य गोंग प्लाचेस


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