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Getting Married? Need a Loan Before or After Your Wedding?

Congratulations from all of us at Origin Finance!

Getting married is one choice in life that leads to many others - and for most people a home comes into the picture. You, or your partner may already own property or you may be looking for your first purchase. Now's the time to think about the best way to build a financial foundation, whether it's the home you choose to live in, or investment properties too.

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Earning More. Got Extra Money? Renovate or Buy More Property!

Congratulations on the well deserved pay increase!

When you're earning more it's great opportunity to spend the same and start saving. However, money in the bank doesn't pay much interest - especially after tax. So, if you're thinking about investing in your financial future, it's worth remembering that, for many Australians, property is the key to creating wealth for life. You may consider buying your first home now your earning more.

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Having a Baby? Need to Renovate or Extend to fit Baby?


Having a baby can be a wonderful time - and it can also be a very busy time! It may be that your home doesn't have enough room for an additional family member and you are considering renovating. It may be the time to buy your first home, or to start thinking about your financial future, and for many people property is the key to creating wealth for life.

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Empty Nesters

Family Equity Home Loans That Open Options

Have the kids left home? Then welcome to the empty nest club! After years of having children at home it's quite a change to be without them. In some ways it's like going back to life before having children, but with a totally different focus on goals and wants and desires.

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Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage Refinancing Can Save You Thousands

Are you paying too much for your loan? If you're online searching for information about mortgage refinancing and reading this, chances are better than good that you are paying too much, and that you are looking for a way to decrease your mortgage repayments and put some of that cash back into your own pocket.

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Cashflow Problems?

Equity Home Loans For Times Of Need

Equity home loans are the answer when your income does not match your outflow and is not covered by your savings. You don't need to be a 'big spender' to find yourself having money problems and in a position where you need a quick and relatively easy access to a substantial sum of money.

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Getting Divorced?

Divorce Home Loans That Help Overcome A Difficult Time

Divorce is never easy, is often complicated and comes with a lot of decisions. For many people, it's a time where they have to re-assess their lifestyles and financial goals and make the most of their assets. This can involve buying and selling property, or even one partner buying out the other partner's share in their house.

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Retirement Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages to Fund Your Retirement

We don't know who thought of it first, but it's a brilliant idea if you are in need of a little financial oomph - reverse your mortgage for cash. For the retired, reverse mortgages can be an ideal solution if you need to raise funds for home improvement, travel, medical expenses and more.

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Mortgage Broker Advice after Receiving a Windfall

Invest in the property market!

A windfall is usually a sum of money from an inheritance - but it can be from other things too. The main point is to make the most of it - and that's where property can really shine as an investment.If you already own a home, perhaps it's time to start thinking about renovations, or a step up - or even an investment property.

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Changing Lifestyles

Sea change, tree change or somewhere in-between

Whether you're heading for the coast, the hills or staying where you are, a change of lifestyle is an exciting time. It's also a good time to assess your financial position and goals. In doing so you'll take pleasure in your new life style.

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Growing Family

Is your Family Growing? Welcome to the Brady Bunch syndrome!

A bigger family, due a new baby, or re-marriage with additional children, or having the grandparents moving in. What ever the reason this situation can make a home that's felt comfortable feel very squeezy! Perhaps it's time to start thinking about renovations, or moving to a bigger property.

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