Origin Finance: A Look Back on March

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Author: Henry Daniell-Vinton: Stress Management Strategist , Chief Morale Booster & Director of Food Impressions at Origin Finance

March has been a great month for my pups, as ever I like to keep you all up-to-date on what is happening across my broking group.

Does this collar suit me?

But first, some not-so-good news.  The downside of being a thoroughbred like me is that, more often than not, you get injured or ill.  Right now is a perfect example.  Another eye infection and I have to wear one of those embarrassing collars again.

Are these hats more embarrassing than my collar?

Talk about wardrobe malfunction; these collars are almost as embarrassing as some of the stuff that we might see at the forthcoming Royal Commission.

Thankfully, my team is well rounded which means that they can perform at a high-level year in, year out.

That said, I do like to give the team a well-earned break wherever possible.  To that end, both Doug and Julie are away at the moment – they have not gone together I hasten to add in case your mind went into overtime.

It’s not all smiles in Balmain

Julie is in Hawaii meeting US friends.  However, I am concerned as to how my good friend Moresby will cope; Balmain can be a lonely place for a single dog.

Doug is away in Africa with his Mum.  I hope he does not get too enamoured with those Ridgebacks while he is there!

We are getting into the final months of Katya’s time with us.  She has been our CEO (Chief Customer Experience Officer) since 2015 but at the end of June, she and her husband are expecting their first baby.  I have witnessed firsthand the support that Katya has given my brokers; even from the other side of the country, Katya has been able to help our brokers submit good loan applications efficiently.

I know that Katya has been a great help to Graeme who almost looks organised as a result.

But, we are lucky to be able to bring Dawn Kilkelly in to replace Katya.  I have known Dawn for years – she has been a key member of the Chan & Naylor Finance team, which means we have continuity as we help the brokers grow their business

Dawn Kilkelly


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