Happy New Year!

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Welcome to our Festive Edition of News from the Dog House –

Shana Tova! Simone has just come back from a few days off celebrating Rosh Hashanah with her (extended) family. I don’t know how it is for you, but I find myself in a real dog-fight with my extended family on any given holiday. Mind you Simone is a bit of a pussy cat (no insult intended) so I am sure all went smoothly.

Graeme is trying to wind down in preparation for going to see his mum in Manchester. Frankly I am rather concerned about this. He mumbles at the best of times; I reckon that by the time he comes back from northern England he will have to come with subtitles too.

Meanwhile, our resident inner city DINK, Julie is spending all her time gallivanting around Sydney. One day it is an art gallery then it is the theatre. Don’t these people realise that, thanks to Facebook, I can tell what they are up to? Frankly I am concerned – who is looking after Moresby?

Lastly, I am getting my team to brush up on their asset finance skills. We had an excellent training session on Wednesday. If anyone needs to finance a car, boat, commercial kitchen or even a Doctor’s or Dentist’s surgery just get in touch with my team. Given that they are places of torture, on ethical grounds, I have instructed my team not to offer finance to vets.


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