Rukshan Gunasekera

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Rukshan Gunesekara

Origin Finance Canberra

  • Phone: 0403 003409 / 1300 30 67 67
  • Servicing Canberra


Rukshan Gunasekera has worked in finance in two countries, Australia and Sri Lanka and understands the importance of professionalism with clients – many of whom have stayed with him for many years.

“Transparency is the most important tool in building trust and confidence with clients; with them you have the fundamentals of a successful financial relationship that lasts for a long time,” he says.

“My experience in consumer lending as well as commercial finance helps me understand client’s needs in a personal and professional manner in order to cater tailor-made solutions.”

Rukshan is a passionate, dedicated and strategic thinker who is determined to give customers the edge over the status quo.  “In a time where uncertainty surrounds every aspect of our economy, it’s important to know your broker is on your side,’ he says.

With Rukshan each and every client discussion is highly confidential, at the client’s convenience and at no cost. “I’m here to help you find what you need from the right place,” he says.

Rukshan is married with two daughters. He is an active member of his local church.

Why waste time finding information on your own..? This can be a very stressful and a complicated endeavour.  Get Rukshan to help you, he can be contacted on:

0403 003409 or 02 6255 9176.

Rukshan Gunasekera is an authorised Credit Representative (CRN 477045) of Toorallie Holdings Pty Ltd (Australian Credit Licence 411760)

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