Specialist Products

At times your unique situation will require specialised expertise. We have access to a wide variety of finance options that are not restricted by standard lending criteria. As with any specialised product structure is the definitely the key. At Origin Finance our consultants are more than qualified to cater to your specific needs.

Split Home Loans

This type of loan setup is a way of hedging your bets. If you are unsure as to whether interest rates are going up or down, you can choose a Split Rate Loan.

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Reverse Mortgages

Many people find their super and other income sources, such as the pension, don't provide enough money to support their lifestyle.


Professional Packages

Many banks now offer professional packages for customers that often include a range of banking products designed to make your banking easier.


Commercial Finance

Commercial mortgages offer business owners and investors a range of options that extend far beyond what a traditional residential mortgage can offer.


Construction Home Loans for Building

Building a new home can be a fun, exciting time. You get to choose all the great features you always wanted and you get to create a home that is uniquely yours.


Bridging Home Loans Advice

Many people find the idea of buying one home while selling another to be a complete nightmare. What happens if your old home doesn’t sell in time? What happens if you sell your own home too soon and you haven’t found a new one to buy yet?


Business Loans for Commercial Investment

In addition to home loans our mortgage brokers also able to advise you on and provide a full range of business loans, including small business loans, and for property finance and investment property finance.


Commercial Finance that Meets Your Needs!

Origin Finance don't only offer a broad range of home loans, our brokers also provide a full range of investment property and commercial finance options and offer a truly professional service that puts your needs at the fore.