Squillions of Dollars!

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News from the Dog House ♣  My team of brokers at Origin Finance settled SQUILLIONS in loans this month!  Not only that, but there is healthy competition amongst my brokers as to who will be top dog!

Chris and Kris both settled more in August month than they ever have done before in a month – and Graeme was not far behind them.  I have looked at the $$$$ and have calculated that they settled enough to keep the Yagoona Dogs Home in dog biscuits until the next Ice Age (or even until Parramatta become minor premiers which will be some time afterwards).

It’s so great to see my brokers doing well it almost makes me feel guilty.  But, as Kris supports the Doggies, I must say he is my favourite!


This week Graeme is in Brisbane as part of our Chan and Naylor joint venture and talking to a couple of brokers who are keen to join our group.

Julie is under Doctors orders not to play football for a while.  I must say this is disappointing, as a regular reader of foreign newspapers, I note that her beloved Arsenal have failed to recruit any top quality strikers.  I’d have thought Julie would have fit the bill perfectly!


Finally, I am pleased to welcome Sarah Fallon who now heads up our Chan and Naylor finance team in Perth.  She has got lots of banking experience so I know she will be a great success.  I must check if she has a dog.


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