They’re Leaving on Jet Planes

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Crikey these school holidays really play havoc with my schedule. A couple of us and Graeme have  been juggling careers and family this week.  It’s never easy being a snag  – which is why the only ones that interest me are those that I can eat.


Mortgage broking really is a growth industry – which is why we are looking to put on an extra course at the start of August in Sydney– plus we are going to be running a course in Perth for the first time in ages.  Of course this means that there is much work for Simone to do pulling it all together.


Talking of growing careers, Doug and Graeme ran a mortgage broking careers seminar in Brisbane on Tuesday.  There were many high quality attendees there, two of whom have already committed to joining the Origin Group.  One even has a dog – I am sure he will go far!


We are also running a similar session in Melbourne on Wednesday 29th.  If you are interested, click here.  Sorry no dogs allowed though.


Poor Doug then had to fly to Adelaide as part of our Chan & Naylor joint venture.


Julie is about to have a long-deserved break in the US – to attend a family reunion on Ohio.  I must admit I am concerned that she is going away – how on earth her dog, Moresby, will cope I do not know.


This week was commissions week.  It always great to see the young pups getting their rewards.  I was particularly pleased that Rocco  landed his first commission this month after settling a really tough loan.


Finally, can anyone tell me who this really cool dog is?  I thought I was stylish, but this guy can drink wine, skateboard and smoke cigars at the same time!

Classy Dog

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