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Welcome to the Global edition of News from the Dog House

I like to think of myself as an equal opportunities employer – I love Australia’s multiculturalism (in my time, I have been known to frolic with the occasional German Shephard Dog and there was that fling with that Great Dane).

But I am delighted to announce that my team is increasingly looking more diverse than SBS on a Friday night. My new pups come from all over the globe.  Here are some examples of the new and welcome faces:

  • Pradip and Rupesh are based in Sydney via Nepal. They are already doing a great job targeting the Nepalese community.
  • Marcelo came to Melbourne from Portugal when he was 12. He speaks Portuguese fluently and is already tackling Gen Y
  • Khushwant who speaks Hindi and Punjabi fluently – key skills for targeting Melbourne’s diverse Indian communities

I have discussed our diversity policy with Graeme and told him that we have too many Poms in the office.


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  1. Philippe Brach

    Dear Henry Casanova,

    I am impressed with your “frolics”! Who will it be next? A French Poodle?

    Congratulations to your new team members! I am sure they will do well, especially with your support.


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