We are off to the pub!

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News from the Dog House

In my capacity as Chief Morale Booster of the Origin team, I like to keep the troops happy. So, today, I sent everyone to the pub!

I know that Australians don’t really need an excuse for a beer. But, today, we had one! Julie has just returned from her US trip and it was Chris’ birthday. What more could you want than a beer, a steak and some chips!

pub shotThe timing of Julie’s return is perfect as the training-side of the business is really ramping up. Simone did a phenomenal job organising the training courses on her own, but Julie’s support is vital as we grow. Next week’s Melbourne course is fully booked – and with many of the students saying that they want to join Origin! Julie will play a key role setting the graduates up for success as they look to grow their business.

Chris being Scottish, he does not really need an excuse for a beer. But he is working hard at the moment trying to build his business and get things ready for his wedding – so his midi of Shandy was a real treat 😉

Later this week sees Doug in Queensland for a pow-wow with the other large mortgage groups from across the country. These events are good for Doug to cross-reference how the group is performing against industry benchmarks.

Graeme has a role mentoring new brokers.  As we develop our presence nationally I will have many more pups I need to send to the pub!

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