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Welcome to my first blog and the team’s new website.

I am very happy to have such a professional team around me. I am particularly grateful to Julie Evans for having created this vehicle that allows me to update you on the important matters like: ball chasing; tail wagging, who’s new in the parks.

Doug and Graeme have got a big week ahead. Doug has a presentation in Sydney CBD with almost 100 property investors.

On Friday, Doug and Graeme are in Melbourne doing some planning as we increase our national pawprint. (The Melbourne trip started out as a dirty weekend for Graeme and his wife. But, hey, thems the breaks).

Simone is flat chat, preparing for our next training course. I own a training company for potential mortgage brokers (Walker and Miller) and am thinking about launching a puppy school.

As ever, Tom is the cool, reliable workhorse. He can multi-task between mortgage broking and the training company – any question he can answer. Of course he can’t explain why Manly are in the doghouse at the moment.

By the way, you won’t be surprised that I support Canterbury in the NRL and Footscray in the AFL.


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