Who Do You Trust? – And Why Trust is So Important When Buying Your Home?

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UntrustworthyI have used the word trust a lot in my life.

  • Trust were a ‘70s French heavy rock bank with anthems such as Antisocial and L’Élite
  • Antitrust law was something I studied in economics at university
  • Trusts are clever vehicles that help investors protect their assets
  • Trust is something that I get my kids to think about when wondering which adults are safe to talk to

But the main why that I think about trust is when I am thinking about whose services I should use

  • Do you trust your dentist not to hurt you?
  • Do you trust the school to look after your kids?
  • Do you trust your sparky to fix your wiring safely?

In my case, the question is, do you trust whomever you have engaged to arrange your finances?

Let’s face it, with the Internet these days, anyone can go online and get the cheapest rate. But cheapest is not necessarily best.

A professional whom you trust to have your best interest at heart will always beat an on-line rates website.

Good mortgage brokers earn trusted status when they can provide a service that can’t found online. Which lender:

  • Will structure the loan best to reduce your tax bill?
  • Has the lowest fees for your own individual situation?
  • Offers the best service?

I got a text the other day from an old client asking my opinion on possible changes to negative gearing. I was flattered that she trusted me enough to seek my advice.

And, if you trust me, I am happy to advise you on your needs as you look to finance your hopes dreams and aspirations.

Plus, if I can remember that far back, I will treat you to some of Trust’s lyrics.

Trust lyrics








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