Who Enjoyed that Storm?

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20150822_065915News from the Dog House

How was that storm?  I have to say that Monday night was one of the most stressful that I have experienced for quite some time!  The evening is when I like to snuggle down; but instead, I had to go around barking at those thunderclaps to keep them away – which seemed to do the trick.

It was even worse for Julie and, more importantly, my good-friend Moresby who endured quite a bit of damage to their kennel.

I am pleased to say that, for the first week in ages, we all the pack in the same place – which gave us time to do a bit of planning.  As we continue to grow, we are probably going to add one or two staff to the roster.  Simone never seems to leave the office at the moment and Graeme is never in it – both because of their work volumes.

Chris has just financed the purchase of his new car.  I must admit that I am a little concerned about his priorities.  It beats me how he can lavish affection on a car.  Surely getting a dog would be a better idea?

Earlier in the week we had an excellent mentor session with two of our new brokers; Rukshan and Mandy.  Both are doing a great job wearing out the shoe leather as they build their businesses.  Doug always says to new brokers that activity will generate business for them – and they are being very active.







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