You Have Had a Good Run!

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I reinforce to my team the importance of work-life balance. But for my interjections most of them would stay late at the office all the time.

And I like to lead by example. As you can see I have had an extensive period at the beach recharging my batteries.

Now that I am up-and-running, things are starting to heat up. Melinda is handling training enquiries by the dozen and Katya is always on the phone to brokers assisting with their files.

I have set my team some ambitious goals for 2017; Julie, Doug and Graeme are beavering away organising a national conference for my wider group – the Futurus Group. We will have some 60 brokers from around the country planning the year ahead.

Then, in March, Doug is speaking in Melbourne at a property conference.

I know that my team would not be such high achievers if I did not ensure they got some rest. Spending time with their family sets them up for success.

Graeme is more focussed on life than work.

Henry Beach



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