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Woof!  Have you missed me?

Sorry, I have been quiet recently, but I have been busy herding up the flock as we have receiving awards left, right and centre.

While I myself am not that ego-driven, it has given me great pleasure to see the rest of the pack win prizes for their great work.

First of all, Doug; the Origin Group was awarded Business of the Year at a recent Gold Coast conference.  This really is just deserts for the many long hours that Doug has worked over the years, expanding the business.

Then, Mihir Shrestha won Rookie of the Year award.  This young pup really has hit the ground running; he started broking part time while he had a day job; then a son arrived; then he went full-time as broker once the loans started rolling in.  I really think he needs a holiday.

Finally, Mark Small, was Runner Up in an award for Year-on-Year Growth.  Given that Mark is a part-time broker, I am confident he would have won the award had he been working full time in the mortgage sector.

I understand that there were many shenanigans at the conference, with Mark Small going skinny-dipping in the wee-small hours.

Graeme stayed couldn’t be bothered leaving Sydney


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