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As you all know, I pride myself in helping my brokers build a successful business. That is why I employ staff to support my new brokers.

Initially I started with allocating Doug to that role, then I recruited Graeme to help too. But, as my business has grown, I recognised that I need to be able to help further my ever-expanding army of brokers.

So, I am pleased to announce that Julie Evans will be devoting more of her time to helping new brokers build successful businesses. Many of you will know Julie as the manager of our training course and the person who handles much of the accreditation of our new brokers.

What you probably don’t know is that she is a successful business-woman in her own right, having built a number teams and businesses.  Prior to joining my group she built up, managed and sold another successful professional services company.

Now that Simone is increasingly managing the training course (assisted by Alessandra) Julie now has more time to help our new brokers – especially while they have their training wheels on.

Julie recently held a strategy session with some new brokers, helping them plan their business, set some financial goals and develop a plan on how to achieve them.  From her previous business experience, she will be focussing on sales and marketing.

Julie will be an invaluable aid to Graeme in his business development role, growing the national footprint of the group.  Graeme will still be an active mentor to the mentees, especially on broker-specific issues.

My only concern is that, although Julie is there to assist Graeme’s mentoring, after their session with a couple of new mentees, Graeme then decided to slip off to the pub with some of his established mentees.

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