I Like to Party!

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‘Who’s a good boy then?’ I hear this all the time.  But I already know who is a good boy – its Mahesh Arora, Philippe Brach and Mihir Shrestha.  These are boys who won awards at my recent conference for all my brokers.

I organised for about 60 of my brokers to join my team at an event in Sydney.  It was great to see so many of them there – many of whom had flown in from interstate.

After some powerful presentation on what my brokers can do to boost their income we had a wonderful bbq and occasional shandy.

But the highlight for me was the awards for best broker.  Both Mahesh and Philippe are experienced brokers who deserve awards for constantly arranging a lot of loans.  Mihir Shrestha won the Rising Star for having shown a really positive attitude and developed a successful business from a standing start.

Personally, I would be happy to be rewarded just with a bone.

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