Snow in the Office!

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Simone had her first encounter with snow this week! It’s funny the impact the white stuff had on the office. Graeme is originally from Manchester, saw lots of snow – hates the stuff. Simone’s family came to Australia via Indonesia – loves the stuff.

Talking of love, Chris’ wedding plans are coming along a treat. His soon-to-be in-laws saw the wedding venue at the weekend and apparently like it. I have to say I am a little concerned about the venue. My concern is that it is on the harbour – where it can get very windy. Now, Chris is wearing his kilt on the big day; one gust of wind and an eyeful will ruin the day for everyone!

Chris had a great week – he had a tough fight on Monday getting clients into their new home. The key thing is that they are happy with what he has done.

We had a quick cameo appearance from our medical finance specialist, Jeff Greenwood, this week. Next time you are in one of those dentists’ reclining chair, or hear a doctor’s machine that goes “ping” – just think, Jeff probably arranged the finance on it.

Graeme and Doug have both been travelling a lot again this week. Melbourne and Perth – the main reason was to talk to brokers who want to join our group. This is great news – but I am concerned that Doug is not walking me as much as I need!

Finally, Julie is going overseas for a few weeks. Who is going to give me treats around the office? I should never have approved her leave request.


What do you get if you cross a Beatle and an Australian dog?

Dingo Starr


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