The Boys Are Back In Town

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News from the Dog House.

I said to my pack the other day, ‘OK you have had your fun. But now it’s time to knuckle-down.’  And I am pleased to see that they have responded accordingly.

You can clearly see the energy building in the team after their Christmas break.

Graeme, Doug and Julie are preparing for the Annual Conference I like to put on for my brokers. This Friday, I reckon I will have about 50 in a room.  Trouble is I don’t have enough digits on my paws to be sure.

Chris’ wedding is getting closer and closer and it has just dawned on me how many Scots will be in Sydney wearing kilts. I reckon there will be more men wearing skirts that day that you would see at Mardi Gras.

I also have David, Fleur and Merran coming into the office to help them develop their skill sets – especially in sales and marketing which is really important for any broker to survive.

Trouble is, most this is about the boys. I know that Julie and Simone are really the ones who run my company.

Thin Lizzy snip

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