Welcome Katya with a K – Our New CEO (Client Experience Officer)

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News from the Dog House.

I like to think of myself as open minded. I have heard of successful marriages between Roosters and Bunnies fans.

I accept that Melbourne is not the only place where there are well-dressed Australians.

Russel Crowe may even be a Kiwi.

And, it was because I am so open-minded that I was prepared to considering letting Katya join my team. As you know, with the exception of that poor deluded Graeme, all the movers and shakers in my team are of the canine persuasion.  With a name which began with the name of my nemesis I had to think twice about interviewing Katya.

Thankfully, I am delighted to say that she is very professional and personable and will be an asset to my team.

For years, she has been doing a great job organising her dad, Gary, who is one of my savviest brokers. And I am hoping that she can whip Graeme and Doug into line too.

Of course, Katya’s arrival also helps me further redress the gender balance. Katya joins a formidable group of women in my team: Julie, Simone and Alessandra.

I will feel duped however if I discover that her name is really Catya!Katya

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